Status Flower 2.3

Starting – Futures

Boldly creating love that lasts

Status Flower 2.3

Starting – Futures

Boldly creating love that lasts


Time spent here, co-creating where you would both like to arrive in the future, will guide your journey.


Arriving at your preferred destination in life requires joint planning in advance. Establishing your needs, wants and highest values, empowers choices and decisions on your chosen path. Creating a future of satisfaction and fulfilment.


Establishing our highest values, needs and desires for the future, and sharing this with our partner, forms the foundations and building blocks of a joint future both can believe in. Knowing what your partner needs and wants, in order to thrive, is fundamental.


Use the tools below to get this right for each other. Causing the future to be as compelling as possible.


Clean Language

Getting to the heart of the matter

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Clean Language is a highly effective communication tool used to help another connect to and elaborate on a topic of interest or concern This is done without us adding our own influence, agenda, biases, prejudice or interpretations into their understanding of the topic being addressed. It helps to guide the other to more fully understand how they view particular challenges or issues in a much deeper and broader way than any other process currently available.

The process of using Clean Language starts with establishing the topic of interest and then with the question “And what would you like to have happen?”. Building from there with a series of further “clean language questions” that invite the other person to express themselves, with a view to establishing clarity and understanding of potentially complex and otherwise complex ideas.

This is a highly effective communication tool for clarifying what’s happening in the present moment and establishing what we would most like to have happen in future, in our relationship.

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