Status Flower 2.2

Starting – Cultivation

Quality behaviour produces quality relationships

Status Flower 2.2

Starting – Cultivation

Quality behaviour produces quality relationships


Thriving relationships are created moment by moment. We have the power to develop within ourselves the awareness and choices to respond in the most effective and loving way possible.


We are not taught how to have successful relationships, but now we have the opportunity to learn ourselves and become truly masterful at creating loving connections every moment of the day. In doing so, we produce days that turn into weeks and months and years of a lasting, thriving relationship.


Learning to respond from choosing rather than reacting instinctively will impact the quality of your relationship. The ability to regulate your emotions and grasp the nature of your thoughts and beliefs is a fundamental contribution to harmonious relationships.


Like learning a language, these communication tools give us a vast range of choices to determine the outcome of challenges day to day, and guide our relationships to safe and harmonious connection.


Fawn Weaver

The argument free marriage (relationship) TEDx Talk

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Fawn Weaver is the founder of the ‘Happy Wives Club’ a website with over a million members who state are very happy being wives and celebrate and share the wisdom, insights and ideas that help to sustain and grow happy relationships.

Whether married or not, the message in this TEDx talk by Fawn has at its core, the main element to a successful relationship, which is “Do no harm” or in her own words, how to have an argument free marriage.

Taking this concept on board and living by it each and every day in your own relationship, will significantly improve the quality of your connection, levels of trust and ability to communicate openly and with added vulnerability towards your partner. Click here to watch her TEDx video.

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