Status Flower 1.1

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Getting to your best

Status Flower 1.1

Single – Single

Getting to your best


Now is the time to cultivate your finest attributes. Discover what makes you unique and set yourself up for relationship success.


Every great relationship starts with YOU. Deep within, you’ll discover all the elements that make relationships sizzle. Exploring and discovering your hidden gifts will lead to healthy, joyous and dynamic relationships.


Inquiry and curiosity with compassion and clarity reveal the true majesty and wonder that makes us who we are. These truths relieve us of the baggage and challenges of the past, clearing the way for a brand new start, free of repeated patterns that can hold us back.


There are tools for inquiry, such as The Work by Byron Katie, Dr John Demartini’s method, and Brene Brown’s The Gift of Imperfection. These are superb places to start erasing our limiting belief and challenging the unhelpful perceptions we have of ourselves, partners, and relationships.


Byron Katie – The Work

How to go from pain and suffering to peace and joy in an instant

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All of our problems originate in our thinking. Through the powerful process called ‘The Work’ we find that our stressful beliefs about life, our relationships, or ourselves radically shift and our relationships are changed forever. Applying this simple tool to our way of engaging with the world and our relationships is the most powerful and effective tool I have encountered. If peace, joy and harmony in relationships is the goal, mastering this simple tool is the surest way to get us there.

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