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Single – Relationship

Ready for love

Status Flower 1.3

Single – Relationship

Ready for love


Letting the right one in. How your intelligence and intuition are your greatest assets in choosing love.


Selecting the one we want to open our hearts to is the most important step to a thriving relationship. Having chosen wisely, each step towards a loving partnership becomes an opportunity to create a dynamic, vibrant and lasting union.


Honing your skills of accurate observation, awareness, and judgement of character, values and inherent qualities will ensure you choose only the very best person to invest your time and emotions in.


Establishing and honouring a smart and robust selection process increases your odds of success in choosing to give to another the most precious thing you have: yourself. Lust, attraction and desire are minor contributing elements to relationships that last. Ascertain what makes the difference and develop your ability to clearly recognise their presence in the connection you are developing with another. Recognising who to build a future with saves wasted time, resources and emotions.


Stan Tatkin – Wired For Love

Understanding your partner’s attachment style to build a secure relationship

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Wired For Love is a book grounded in the latest brain science and Stan Tatkin is one of the most innovative thinkers in the couples relationship world today. He describes what attachment theory and neuroscience research has to teach us and highlights the ways partners can understand and become experts on one another.

By creating a “couple bubble” he teaches us to work as a team and that each partner is the most important person in the other’s life, the one individual on whom the partner can always count.

Engaging positively as a couple, understanding and becoming experts on one another is key to lasting love. You will learn how to do this, and how to make sense of chaos and pain. You will learn to please and soothe your partner, how to quickly resolve common pitfalls and conflicts, and find easy ways to increase feelings of comfort and security. You will experience your relationship in a totally new way through reading this wonderfully friendly, encouraging, and practical book.

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