Status Flower 3.1

Long-term – Trust

The force that powers love

Status Flower 3.1

Long-term – Trust

The force that powers love


Trust holds the key to extraordinary love. It has a quality to it which we can affect greatly with awareness, skilled communication and heightened levels of conscious behaviour.


The full promise of a boundless love comes through trust. Its presence opens us up to levels of experience and wonders available nowhere else. Mastering the dynamics of trust offers us experiences beyond comprehension with our partner.


How we choose to conduct ourselves directly determines the quality of trust generated between us and our partner. Communication and behaviour can be greatly improved by learning, developing and incorporating communication tools and methods. Developing the options to choose how you behave, generates the most favourable outcomes.


The tools below have been created to transform levels of understanding and communication previously unavailable. Applying these tools can create empathy, compassion, comprehension and insights. These tools bring clarity and accountability to the benefit and protection of your partnership.


Dr. Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages

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Dr Gary Chapman has discovered we each have a preferred way we like to be loved. He calls them the 5 Love Languages: Loving touch, Words of affirmation, Quality time, Gifts or Acts of service. And he uses the metaphor of a full or empty ‘Love Tank’ to represent the amount of love we experience from our partner at any given time. Knowing my partner’s Love Language and expressing my love through this language increases the likelihood they will feel fully loved.

Expressing love in a Love Language which doesn’t work for them will ensure they feel unloved and their ‘Love Tank’ remains empty. If our ‘Love Tank’ runs low or empties, we are likely to get into all kinds of relationship trouble or danger. Learn which is your preferred ‘Love Language’ free of charge here, and how to express it, and you are both more likely to feel and remain full of love.

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