Status Flower 3.2

Long-term – Intimicy

Desire, touch and pleasure

Status Flower 3.2

Long-term – Intimicy

Desire, touch and pleasure


Enjoying intimacy that generates loving connection creates sparkle and sizzle to light up our lives.


Desire creates energy which can impact many areas of our relationship. The energy that flows between a couple has elements we can influence. To keep the fire burning, fuel is required.


Understanding how to maintain the flow of intimacy between you and your partner makes available a love life that remains highly satisfying to both.


These tools will support you in understanding the inherent dynamics and individual desires of each other. Cultivating curiosity and playfulness will add and maintain energy, where you want your passion to flow.



Youtube Channel

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Sexplanations is a Youtube show hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, or Dr. Doe. She makes it her job to provide accurate free information on the entire world of sex and sexual information. She hopes she can make sex less of a taboo topic. The dialogue is sharp, fun, energetic but crucially, accurate and highly informative. This is the Sex Education we all should have had at school but it’s never too late to brush up on our knowledge and understanding. The emphasis on respect, compassion and healthy boundaries is on-point and seemingly nothing is omitted from the choice of topics.

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