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Leaving – Independent

Leaving with love

Status Flower 4.2

Leaving – Independent

Leaving with love


We can exit a relationship with great love and compassion, avoiding injury and wounding, both of which cause us challenges in future relationships.


Regardless of our pain and suffering, love is always the answer. To ‘do no harm‘ is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and our ex-partner.


It is in these moments, how we choose to behave, that we shape who we are and how we come to know ourselves in future relationships. Hurt causes pain; compassion causes love. 


Practicing the tools below and use these resources to enhance compassion, forgiveness and understanding. The health and vitality of your future relationships depend on them.


Gabor Mate

Revealing the hidden forces damaging our relationships

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Gabor Mate offers comprehensive understandings of the dysfunctions that can plague our relationships. Often, these are expressions of our past traumas. None of us escapes childhood without suffering them and they are also experienced throughout adult life often expressed in our addictive or unhealthy behaviours. They are an integral part of the human experience. Gaining a broader understanding of how our childhood shapes our present lives can help rid us of the recurring issues and challenges that prevent meaningful connections and lasting, healthy relationships.

In this interview with podcaster Rich Roll, Gabor explores his work, full of essential understandings of how we function as psycho-emotional beings, and how this relates to our interdependent relationships. 34 minutes into this recording, (direct link here) you will hear incredibly powerful explorations into human behaviour, as rooted in childhood experiences of receiving love, care and attention, or lack thereof.

Gabor’s groundbreaking work helps to shed light on the hidden forces that act out in our relationships. This helps us become more conscious and aware – which means choice – and gives us the power to choose love over fear when things aren’t going our way. You can develop your understanding of empathy towards yourself and those you love. Click here for the beginning of this podcast. If you are curious about the nature of addictive behaviour, Gabor’s book ‘In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts‘ is an excellent source of understanding. 

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