Status Flower 4.3

Leaving – Healing

Relationship wounds and how to heal them

Status Flower 4.3

Leaving – Healing

Relationship wounds and how to heal them


Disappointment, regret and resentment impact us all differently. Healing any upsets or injuries caused by relationships is essential to a future love lasting.


Massive change causes upset. Lost love is painful. Dealing lovingly with the impact of a finished relationship will reduce pain and suffering now and in the future.


Understanding the nature of our pain and its cause enables the application of transformational tools, which nullify and eradicate emotional pain and the negative impact of past events.


We now have access to tools and processes which guide us to experience our recall of the past with a wider comprehension, deeper understanding and increased compassion and therefore, less suffering.


Dr John Demartini

The Demartini Method

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The Demartini Method is one of the most effective methodologies for dissolving emotional disturbance, charges, psychological pain and unhappiness.

Through answering a series of key questions, the full scope and extent of a situation, circumstance or an individual’s experience can be revealed. In doing so, we are introduced to the balance and perfection inherent in every moment and this helps to relieve the lopsided perspectives that cause us so much unnecessary pain and suffering. It’s a process that balances mental and physical reactions, neutralises emotional charges, opens the heart and clears the mind.

All pain and suffering exist purely in the mind and this process will assist us in eradicating much that robs us of the joy and abundance in love and life. It can help with (amongst other things) loss, infidelity, trauma, abuse, anger, resentment, stress, conflict or lack of clarity.

The Demartini Method can be found in chapter 9 of The Breakthrough Experience book; a practical manual for understanding why you live your life the way you do. You may also attend the same entitled seminars, run by the author and Demartini Method creator, Dr John Demartini.

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