Relationship Status Flower

Relationship Status Flower

Success in love is just a few clicks away

Find your current relationship status below to explore and discover what you need to know to create a love that lasts.

Desired Outcome

Healthy, loving and dynamic love that lasts is available when we are aware and follow the elementary principles of relationships.

These elementary principles are the foundations. Once understood and applied, they impact the quality of our relationships.

Relationships have a cycle from beginning to completion.

The relationship status flower has been created to help us understand where we are at any given time in the relationship cycle, and how to get to the next phase of relationship success. You will find on each page a summary of what’s available when we apply the elementary principles, and how to do that. There are a variety of resources selected to support you in developing and growing the necessary skills for creating love that lasts.

New resources will be included in due course.

If you would like personal one-to-one support with cultivating and developing your understanding of these essential relationship tools and principles, please get in touch to discuss available options for coaching support with me. 

How It Works

The Relationship Status Flower has 4 sections, each one represented by a coloured petal.

Single Starting Long-term Leaving

Each of the above 4 petals is further subdivided into 3 sections, as listed and linked to below.

1.0 Single

2.0 Starting

3.0 Long-term

4.0 Leaving

Explore each section and discover the vital elements to include in your personal skill set for relationship success.